Do You Ever Stop Losing Weight After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

You should have lost most of your excess weight 1 year to 18 months after undergoing a gastric bypass procedure. Most patients reach their ideal weight by 18 months, and this is when they usually stop losing weight. During the first three months after surgery, you will lose weight most quickly. Changes made to the digestive system restrict the intake and absorption of calories, and the liquid diet perpetuates rapid weight loss.

Patients can lose between 30 and 40 pounds, which equates to approximately 25-35% of their excess weight. Weight loss stabilizes about a year after sleeve gastrectomy. Bariatric patients do not lose weight indefinitely because they reach a balance between energy consumption and expenditure. Studies show that, on average, patients with sleeve gastrectomy lose 70% of their excess weight. This break-even point depends on many factors that are not fully understood. The art of gastric sleeve surgery is to resect enough to achieve the best metabolic response and achieve the most optimal weight-loss result.

In addition, reduced food intake due to smaller stomach size, decreased appetite due to reduced production of hunger hormones, and poor absorption of nutrients contribute to rapid weight loss in the first months after gastric bypass surgery. Most people who experience weight gain after gastric bypass surgery don't implement these long-term changes. If you've had gastric bypass surgery in the past and are still far from achieving your goals, help is available to you. The best way to lose weight again after gastric bypass surgery is to seek the help of a qualified professional. We offer both surgical procedures, such as gastric bypass, and some non-surgical weight loss techniques that offer excellent results. While gastric bypass surgery can be very effective in promoting weight loss, some patients may experience challenges and fail to achieve the expected weight loss results.

The best way to achieve your expected weight-loss goals after gastric bypass surgery is to maintain close communication with your team of experts, follow your plan, and never give up. In the first month after gastric bypass surgery, patients lose weight quickly, which usually provides them with an emotional boost. Patients can expect to lose about 17% of their excess body weight during this period. Procedures such as gastric bypass, gastric balloon or gastric cuff are powerful tools, but success requires taking care of the body and mind.

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