Do Gastric Bypass Patients Regret Their Decision?

Our research indicates that, in general, patients do not regret their decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery (SG). However, some may experience psychological regret due to disinterest in food. This is a common sign of food addiction, which many patients have before the procedure and which continues afterwards. Using the Regret by Decision Scale, researchers quantified patients' levels of regret after Roux-en-Y Y-gastric bypass (RYGB) and gastric banding.

After having the gastric sleeve, some may feel a sense of regret due to the difficulty of enjoying food. If they had known how difficult it would be mentally and emotionally, they may have avoided gastric sleeve surgery until they had overcome body dysmorphia. Hair loss after a gastric sleeve is usually due to malnutrition and can be prevented by taking the right vitamins. For the first year after surgery, many patients still see the same person in the mirror. Weight loss over time is pretty much the same as with kidney bypass.

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular weight-loss procedures, with high success rates and results that can be hard to believe.

One study found that some patients experienced regret due to chronic stomach and intestinal problems, and one woman became so ill that she had to undergo another operation due to scar tissue problems after the gastric bypass procedure.

Recent studies have examined patient satisfaction after RYGB. The cover is popular because it has many advantages over the Roux-en-Y type Y-gastric bypass. We ranked them based on each “comment” and “like” that was shared on social networks about each gastric sleeve that patients regretted having had in the past after surgery. Losing gastric sleeve weight at a rapid pace can result in excess skin in areas such as the stomach, upper arms, and legs.

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